The Chinchilla Club has had an online presence since 1999, connecting the world of chinchilla breeding to thousands of pet owners and chinchilla enthusiasts. Maine Chinchilla Ranch both produces quality breeding stock and provides a state licensed chinchilla shelter. These forces are combined to provide a marketplace for breeders, shelters, artists, veterinary professionals, ranchers, and vendors of chinchilla products to connect with their customers all over the world. is wholly owned by Maine Chinchilla Ranch, LLC and operated by Marianne Sansouci, an experienced breeder and shelter manager who regularly participates in chinchilla shows, breeder organization events, and information campaigns in her local community. 

Chris Hamilton is a freelance web developer, artist, and software engineer who has assisted in the development of chinchilla ranching and genetics simulations, and has been managing online platforms for chinchilla professionals and pet owners for over 10 years.

Kate Spicer is Maine Chinchilla Ranch’s Staff Biologist who operates a chinchilla foster home specializing in socializing the most recalcitrant shelter chins.  Kate researches chinchilla with an aim of resolving genetic and production issues in the species.

Our objective is to provide a comfortable place for breeders and pet owners to connect while screening our products and services to ensure that animals are accurately represented, and products are generally proven to be safe for chinchillas. Breeders must conform to practices approved and promoted by the industry, and specialist services are subject to review.

We hope this marketplace will help pet owners obtain thriving pets in a healthy environment, and equip professionals with tools and products that are proven to enhance productivity for all their endeavors.

– The Chinchilla Classifieds Team