Site Bug Reports


Site updated with new php, understrap, and wpadverts with other plugins updated as well.

  • Difficulties were found when attempting to update wpadverts with the TCC wpadverts extension plugin with obsolete calls to php error handling. (fixed)
  • Understrap’s woocommerce ‘form-pay.php’ was not properly updated. The default unthemed file was copied.

Issues found in testing

  • On a mobile device, when creating a new user, after filling out username and password, the page refreshed and the fields were cleared out requiring manually re-entering the username and password.
  • On a mobile device, when logging in after the said new user login, the user was redirected to the account profile page instead of the homepage.
  • On a desktop device, using chrome, login failed on first attempt. After manually inputting the login it worked on the second attempt. Also, redirected to profile page, and not home page. HIGH PRIORITY
  • Home page has broken image link on bottom of page HIGH PRIORITY

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