Pet chinchillas for sale from breeders and shelters in many colors and locations near you. Find the softest pet and all the supplies at Gray, white, mosaic, ebony, beige, tan, chocolate, velvet, violet, sapphire, goldbar, black pearls, blue diamond, angoras, and curly chinchillas available from breeders and shelters. Find your beautiful, sweet, soft, furry, exotic pet near you! Adopt from a knowledgeable breeder near you who will explain care, handling, health, and behavior of this interesting pet. Chinchillas typically have a lifespan of 9-15 years, purchase from an experienced breeder to get the right information. Breeders advertising at are members of respected chinchilla organizations who understand chinchillas and can give you correct care information so that you and your chinchilla can have a long and happy relationship. Chinchillas are a great pet for small spaces! They don't need vaccinations or regular veterinarian visits. Chinchillas eat a very simple diet of timothy hay and pellets. Chinchillas don't need exercise, and are happiest in their cage with a wood house to sleep in. Chinchillas need an air conditioner to keep their room below 70 degrees F because of their thick fur, and will easily overheat if made to exercise. Chinchillas roll in pumice dust to clean their fur. Chins should be offered dust at least 3 times a week to keep their fur fluffy and beautiful. Pet quality chinchillas are not ever used for breeding. Anyone found to be breeding pet quality chins will be blocked from this website. Chinchillas with behavioral issues, fur chewing, health concerns, or advanced age should also be included in the category "special needs".
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